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Mark Hebblewhite



Mark has actively participated in the development of mediation practice in Australia. His experience is extensive:
•    as a practising Mediator conducting in excess of 3,000 mediations
•    as the immediate past chair of the Mediator Standards Board
•    as a consultant to Victoria Legal Aid in the development of the Round Table Dispute Management (RDM) program
•    as an accredited Advanced Mediator at the Victorian Bar
•    Mediating disputes where emotions run high, including property and parenting agreements following the breakdown of family relationships, defacto property, contractual, workplace, probate/TFM, family farming, business and professional partnership disputes
•    Confidential interpersonal mediations
•    Mediating in disputes where legal proceedings have commenced
•    Working with parties who have an interest in maintaining personal, family or work relationships while also managing disagreement or conflict
•    Mediating agreements between prospective partners, whether it be pre-nuptial or cohabitation agreements, business, contractual or professional partnership negotiations.

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