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Emma Swart


BA LLB Grad Dip Family Dispute Resolution Practice FDRP NMAS

Emma Swart is a practising family law barrister in Melbourne with over 33 years experience as a lawyer.  She regularly advises and appears in complex parenting and financial cases. She is known for her easy going manner and creative strategic thinking.


Emma regularly works in mediation assisted by lawyers but is also able to work directly with parties without lawyers. Emma first trained as a mediator whilst working in consumer law in Western Australia in the 1990s, after experiencing the benefits of mediation in multi-party consumer finance cases.  After working as a barrister and mediator for a few years, she undertook advanced mediation training.  She sees mediation as a dignified and effective way for parties to resolve their family law disputes.



  • Nationally Accredited Mediator

  • Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner Family Law Arbitrator 

  • LEADR Mediation Training 

  • Bond University Advanced Mediation 

  • Transformative Mediation Training 

  • College of Law Graduate Diploma in Family Dispute Resolution

  • UWA Advanced Mentalising Training

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