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Why use Lawyer FDRP's?

Experienced family lawyers can make very effective Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners. (FDRPs).

However, it is not just having legal knowledge and experience or “knowing the law” that counts. As you know, Lawyers and mediators are trained to work with conflict, but there is a key difference in the role of the Lawyer and the role of a FDRP when helping separating couples. A Lawyer acts as an advocate for a party on one side or the other of a dispute. A FDRP does not act as an advocate for either party, but instead remains objective, guiding both parties through the dispute resolution process and helping them to navigate the difficult emotional terrain that so frequently accompanies conflict.

It is the unique combination of these almost opposing skills of a family lawyer and a FDRP that is so effective. FDRPs undertake mediation and then Family Dispute Resolution Training including hours as an intern to learn how to facilitate disputes. An experienced FDRP knows how to look at an issue from all sides, suspend judgment, and be supportive without taking a personal position.

The more familiar the FDRP is with family law and legal process, the easier it will be for the FDRP to spot issues help parties identify and explore their legal options and responsibilities and reach agreement.

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